Saturday, May 5, 2012

Almost There

Slowly, slowly, progress is being made in the office.

I've experimented with "painting" a thin mix of plaster onto my patched areas, trying to feather out the patch. It's much easier to sand this down to a smooth surface. I keep thinking about doing a post on the methods I've developed for plaster repair. I'm not professional, but I am at least becoming slightly more proficient.

I also upgraded for 40-grit sand paper. I'm still working with my basically-broken-camera, so no sweet pictures. But progress is definitely being made!

So, finally, I think we're almost there. I found that a couple of the patches have one or two small divots. But the door is so close!

Also, we made some color decisions. Earlier this week we received a coupon in the mail for 30% off paints, so we'll be making a purchase in the next few days. We're going to knock this project out soon!

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