Monday, May 21, 2012

Still Going

I don't feel like we have too much to show-off just yet, but we're getting lots done.

The spare room is almost done- taped up and ready for primer. While taping up the floorboards, I got a splinter that was a half inch long. I had to cut the skin on my pinky-finger with nail clippers to get it out!

It takes roughly 8 hours to strip paint from both sides of one door, and I'm over half way through the first of two doors. My tip for this? Audio books. I actually enjoyed working on this today, and look forward to doing more!

Outside the room, we've accepted a bid from a plaster contractor to finish the plaster repair work. I was very happy with his review of my efforts. We're also impressed that he expects to finish the work in just two short days, later this week. He's going to FINISH the plaster repair. That's basically 4 more rooms. In two days. It would have taken me... at least a month. At LEAST.

We've also purchased paint, made more paint color decisions and started the shed project. So there's lots going on, but few pictures to show for it.

More soon!


  1. I agree that audio books are a really good way to spend paint stripping hours. I've finished quite a few books recently while stripping doors and woodwork.

    So, by 8 hours for stripping one door, do you mean stain ready? Or paint ready? I'll be super impressed if you mean stain ready!

  2. GREAT clarification, Sasha! I definitely mean PAINT ready :-) I am stunned by the pictures of your doors. We did the mantel when we first moved into the house. Getting it stain-ready took so much longer than 8 hours. Maybe 20? Maybe more!