Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NE PDX Bungalow Life

Since starting the blog in 2009, I've been blogging about home improvement and restoration projects. During that time, other things were happening that I wanted to include, but they weren't really in line with the home improvement theme of the blog.

Enter: the Northeast Portland Bungalow LIFE blog. Posts on the Life blog will include recipes, diy projects, decor and other miscellaneous things that feel relevant but don't fall under the home improvement umbrella.

I'm starting off 2013 with thirty days of paleo recipes. Each day will include one paleo recipe (with modifications noted). I'm not there will be some serious flops, but if there is a big score, at least it will be recorded!

Please do check out the Life blog once in a while, and chime in! Share a project idea, tell me what lessons you learned on a recipe, or whatever comes to me.

Thanks for checking it out!


May 2013 be filled with good finds, good deals, surprisingly easy home improvement and peace on earth :)

From our bungalow to yours, Happy New Year!