Monday, May 28, 2012

Must... Keep... Going...

Today, we finished stripping the first side of the second (and final) door in the spare room. About 3 hours of scraping left. Then 5 minutes of sanding. Then hang the missing pieces of trim and quarter round. And THEN! we will be ready to paint that bad boy, and get it furnished again!

In the yard, after some weed eating, we topped the raised beds (full of compost) with some manure.We need half a dozen more bags, but can pick those up another day this week. Maybe tomorrow. I must be tired because I'm very excited about possibly buying manure in the morning. What's wrong with me?!

We painted the bathroom, but will probably have to touch it up. The stormy-blue paint came to us from the neighbors' kitchen. Really, though, it could have just been mud. Even mud would have been an improvement over the bruised-avocado-green the previous owners painted.

Just before running out of steam tonight, the last spark of energy was used to paint over a few of the plaster patches in the bedroom. Blogging from bed, I cannot believe how much better it looks. Really, it just looks a thousand times better.

I guess, when you're living in a construction zone, and nothing is ever "done" you forget how it feels to see something that IS done. And "done" is NICE!

Unfortunately, I'm too tired to download pictures from the camera. Maybe I can get a few posted tomorrow. Manure AND a blog update? Whoa- big plans!

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