Monday, April 16, 2012

The List, 2012 Edition

Proposed 2010 List
  • stripping woodwork
  • removing old wallpaper
  • paint walls and woodwork
  • level yard
  • retaining wall along front sidewalk
  • french drains
  • fix gutters
  • repair driveway
  • new back patio pavers
  • Restore the 5 sash windows
Finished in 2010:
  • finished the dining room (included wall paper and woodwork work for this room)

Proposed 2011 List

  • remove the poured concrete patio/sidewalk and replace with pavers
  • fix the gutters and dig french drains
  • prune the out of control fig tree
  • remove old plants, till/level the yard, and replant grass
  • build a shed for the grill, mower and other lawn care tools
  • remove door to bathroom and frame in wall instead
  • strip paint off the fire place brick
Accomplished in 2011
And finally, the 2012 List
  • strip the wall paper in the front room
  • strip the wood work in the front room
  • build a shed
  • paint the front room
  • level the front yard
  • landscape both yard
  • build retaining wall
  • install paver patio
  • repair driveway and add pavers
  • repair plaster in bedroom
  • strip paint on bedroom woodwork
  • paint bedroom
  • finish plaster repair in office
  • finish stripping woodwork in the office
  • paint office
  • repair 5 sash windows
Not listed are the projects in the bathroom and basement. Our bathroom will eventually be totally renovated, and the basement will eventually be finished (with a bedroom, some storage and a bathroom/laundry room).

Realistically, we will finish the office, and maybe one additional room in 2012. We'll get the shed built, and maybe even some work in the front yard. I think these steps will really make this place start to feel like it's finally "ours."


  1. It's good to have a long list because then you have lots of things to choose from.

  2. Ha! Glad I'm not the only one whose list is completely impossible. Sometimes even a list for a single weekend (like this one) is easily a month's worth of work. Why do I always think I can do all that? Ah, ambition.