Thursday, April 5, 2012

Light Bulb Review

Light bulb review. Really? Not something I expected to write about. But. I do like a nice light bulb. And, unfortunately, my favorite bulb is an incandescent. I love GE Reveal light bulbs.

I've seen those hybrid bulbs popping up more often, and have been pretty curious. The color of the light seemed OK in the gym bathroom, but who knows how that would look at home.

Today, I had a chance to try them out. When I was working in the future office, I was reminded that the overhead lights had burned out. So I picked up a two-pack of GE Reveal Hybrid bulbs. Basically, these bulbs are a compact florescent bulb inside of a halogen bulb.

The light is neither as WHITE as the regular CFLs, nor as soft as my beloved Reveal (original) bulbs. I'd say it's actually a little bit yellow. But. Better than a regular CFL.

I know light bulb technology will continue to improve. I just hope they can recreate that light that I love so much!

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