Saturday, April 7, 2012

What's Your Favorite Primer?

So far, we have used Zinsser's 1-2-3 and Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose Latex Primer. We've had recommendations for KILZ® Water Based Primer, Gardz and Benjamin Moore primer.

Our walls are original lime-based plaster with newer lime-based plaster patches. There are a few places where a previous owner hung sheet rock over the plaster. I'd like to used one primer for all surfaces, including woodwork.

What's your favorite primer? Or is there a primer we should definitely avoid?


  1. i have always loved and used the Benjamin Moore Primer. BUT with this house, since we were deling with a 30 year indoor smoker, we used KILZ as recommended by our local paint store. I would take a trip out to the Benjamin Moore store on Halsey and like 106th (next to Baskin Robbins) and ask their opinion. its a locally owned family shop and they are extremely knowledgeable. they even gave us a discount on our paint when we first bought this house.

  2. BIN also known as Zinnser 1 2 3 -- loads of pigment and dries fast.

  3. i know i'm a little late to the game here, but i've had good luck with kilz...