Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spare Room: Mission Accomplished

You may or may not remember that we started working on the spare room, AKA the office, AKA the guest room over a year ago. About 13 months ago, actually. You can check out the complete "before" post here.

Here are a few of the highlights from this project:


This soft caulk-like material was used to fill a gouge in the plaster before wallpaper was hung. We found similar gouge in the closet.

Masking tape was used to cover old holes, then painted over. Of course. Just like the other rooms in this house.

Thnext picture shows the doorway to the bathroom. It was unnecessary, unused and took up valuable wall space. We saved removed the door, trim and jamb carefully to reuse them when we finish the basement. After framing the section of wall and adding drywall, we plastered over that section to get it flush, and skim coated the whole wall. The more I deal with plaster and the more I deal with drywall, I just don't understand why anyone would not have plaster. 

We chose a paint color that is two shades lighter than the love seat. It looks very gray, but does have some green in it. So without further delay:

The NW corner (where I sit to blog!)


The far left is the old door to the bathroom. Then the closet, and the living room door on the right.

We've been in the house for four years, and finally have banished the LAST $5 cafe rod! It has been replaced by a 1-inch wood blind.

The paint color is called "chatroom" by Sherwin Williams. We used a Cashmere base with eggshell finish. Cashmere is SW's most expensive line, but we receive those 30% coupons in exchange for being signed up with an account. Cashmere paint proved to be nearly splatter proof, and we only used one coat. We loaded the roller and brush very thoroughly, and that may have helped.

I get very excited to work and relax in the finished room. Over the course of the project, the guest room became the office and is now the spare room. Whatever your need, this room's got it covered! Let's mark it down as a victory at the Northeast Portland Bungalow!


  1. Congrats on another finished room. I know how you feel (having it take over a year to do one room), since I've had my house over 2 years and I barely have 3 rooms done.

    I also like the new dining room fixture. I prefer antique fixtures myself, but the square shades and simple lines compliment the Craftsman details in the built-ins, and simple trim.

    1. JC, I agree. Though it's obviously modern, it's simple enough to work.

  2. Very nice!

    Do you have any pictures of how you framed the wall where the door had been? My dining room has a completely unnecessary door that I've been pondering filling in.

  3. Yes! I'll put together a little photo guide on how we did that. It was so simple! (We have a carpenter for a neighbor, so he helped!)

    Shoot me an email (There's a contact tab near the top of the page) and I'll be sure to give you a head's up when I get the post up!