Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shed Progress

The last two weeks of May were the most productive two weeks  we've had at the Northeast Portland Bungalow. The shed project is well underway, though not yet complete. The backyard looked pretty shabby with all those tools stacked up against the house. Now we have the shed to a point where we can put the tools inside, and that is pretty nice!

We started with a rough idea of what we wanted- small with barn doors and a shed roof. If you haven't used SketchUp, I highly recommend it. You can have a lot of fun and really loose sometime tinkering with designs.

The foundation is four pier blocks with 2x6 and 2x6 pressure treated lumber. The floor is pressure treated plywood. The walls and roof are framed with 2x4 pine studs.

The eaves stretched a bit further- almost two feet now. This will protect the shed a bit more from the weather, and will allow us to mount some brackets on the back to hang ladders. Also, the pitch of the room if slightly lower.

By the end of the second (half) day of labor, we had a roof and 3 walls. So, of course, we signed the interior walls (yes, we sign our work) and filled that sucker with the tools that had been leaning against (or were piled against) the back of the house for the last few years. 

Next, we need to build the doors and close up the front wall, add house wrap, add flashing, singles and paint.


  1. i'm putting my order in for a garden shed and sandbox with lid. GO!

    1. Our secret construction weapon is our talented and generous neighbor/carpenter!