Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Living Room Media Storage

Our house was built in 1923- well before it was common to have a television, big stacks of DVDs and an assortment of remote controls. Finding the right spot for the television has been a little tricky. Our best option seems to be a specific corner in the living room. 

It's an awkward corner between doorways. The TV has to sit at an angle to face the couch.

I decided that a wall-mount was our best choice, even though that meant visible cords and living with the paralyzing fear that the television might come crashing down. 

Enter Ana White. If you're not familiar with Ana White, she's a blogger in Alaska who posts fantastic plans for building furniture, garden boxes and other small structures. The plans are very straight forward and very clear. Since I first stumbled across Ana's blog, I've been increasingly interested in building a piece of a furniture.

For the record, I couldn't stand the idea of a hideous corner cabinet. I've never liked corner cabinets and did not like the idea of one sitting in the living room. That is, until I saw this:

This might bit a bit taller than would work in our room, but I really like this. It just might be the first piece of furniture I attempt on my own! 

If you aren't familiar with Ana White's blog, check it out! And be sure the click on the Momplex tab. Learn about insulating concrete forms and metal roofing. We're planning on using both when we build our next house, so I check the Momplex tab on a regular basis!


  1. I had a similar problem in my house. In my living room, one wall has the fireplace, another has a giant window, another has the opening from the front door entryway, and the final has two doorways to the kitchen and dining room. I had to buy a flat panel tv and mount it above the fireplace. And my couch is in the middle of the living room.

    I took out all the plaster ceilings downstairs because A) they had plaster key failure problems anyway and it was easier to tear them down BEFORE I refinish the floors. And B) it makes it much easier to rewire the house, including running all the wires for the surround system through the walls so everything is neat and tidy. I will put drywall on the ceilings when I'm done rewiring (I'm not a fan of drywall but I make an exception for ceilings since 1000s of lbs of plaster hanging upside down is just a recipe for disaster).

  2. We have a similar living room- one wall with doorway, fireplace, doorway, one with giant window and front door, next wall with two doors, fourth wall with built-in shelves and doors to back yard. It's a narrow room, so the fire place is only about 7-feet from the opposite wall!

  3. Hi Leslie, You're in Portland, OR aren't you? Would you like to come over for lunch or dinner sometime. It always helps to hang out with someone else who is going through the same kind of renovation headaches you are and I'm seriously in need of some motivation. =) My email is if you're interested.