Monday, April 4, 2011

Paint Colors for the TV/Guest Room

While technically a bedroom, we use the space for watching television and hanging out, as well as for overnight guests. Located in the front of the house, we expect that this was originally the master bedroom. It is wallpapered over a smooth finished plaster, and has its own entrance to the bathroom.

Similar to the dining room, we will:
-strip wallpaper and paint
-repair plaster

Also, we're also removing the entrance to the bathroom. The door limits the sense of privacy you have when someone is on the other side of that door, so we'll have to take it out (and reuse it when we finish the basement).

When we painted the dining room last year, we picked a great dark blue (I think it's great, anyway). At that time, we also picked out colors for the rest of the house. I've started to second guess the original palette. Instead of tans and grays, we are starting to look at green/gray colors. Have a look:


The new greens:

What do you think? Should we keep looking?


  1. I always feel like when yellow is pale like in your top photo, it makes the room look very new/modern. We've had awesome results with the historic bungalow/craftsman palette from Sherwin Williams - the colors have a depth that works really well in the house, and definitely conjure the cozy bungalow feeling. I like the green better, at any rate.

  2. We don't want to go "too modern" with the colors. After looking at our yellow walls for almost three years, all I can think is "egg salad." It is time for a change!

  3. i really like the greens myself. it looks very cozy and inviting.

  4. I like the green a lot. One green/grey color I love is Bay Laurel by Restoration Hardware. We have it in our master bedroom and it is very soothing, warm and inviting. Of course, we can't afford RH paint, so we get it color matched.