Friday, April 29, 2011

Caulking Windows/How to Wash Silicon Caulk Out of Your Hair

First, yes, I still blog about the house. Between traveling to visit family and all the spring cleaning, there hasn't been much to post about, or much time to post. Mea culpa! I will try to back track, and catch up on the few little things we've been working on since completing the kitchen. Little things, like, the time I got caulk in my hair.

On the front of our house, we have a few large windows (over 90" across). One is original to the house- it looks great and is solid. The other two are newer, aluminum clad and fit loosely in place. When you touch them, the wobble. The rubber weather stripping is now dry-rotten, and is falling apart.

I decided I should finally caulk around the edges, to help limit the air flow moving through the gaps. I borrowed a caulk gun from my neighbor, and armed myself to do batter.

For the record, I think I'm pretty good at caulking. I once had a job assembling large aluminum frame windows for a high rise, and got lots of practice. I considered staying in IBEW and building a career as a journeyman-level caulker. Yes, people actually do have the specialty.

There I am, in the front yard, caulking away, when I realize something stinks. Not the caulk, something worse. Our dog never uses the front yard, because it is not fenced. But here I was, with dog feces on my shoe.

Oh look, it's on my pants, too. (groan) Wait- why does it feel like there's something on my cheek? (touch) Oh, great. Caulk is on my face. And my ponytail is now caulked to my face. Ever better.

I quickly put away my caulking supplies, left my shoes on the porch and went in to research removing caulk from your hair.

Basically, it's just like removing gum from your hair. You wipe out what you can, the rub mineral oil (I used baby oil) all over the area with caulk in it. Then, soak it in vinegar, and comb/wipe out what you can. Repeat this process as long as needed.

Luckily, it worked. I still haven't finished the caulking, though. I wish I had stopped to take a picture of the caulk in my hair, so I could post it. I'll try to remember a picture next time.

Have you done something similar? Did you feel as ridiculous as I did? I know someone out there has been there!

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