Friday, September 13, 2013

Gross Out Update: Dried Out


Monday morning, the crew showed up at 9:00am. They pulled the air scrubber out, and sprayed disinfectant around the basement floor and walls. Next they set up a dryer unit (that looked about the same to me), and said they would be back Friday to check on the progress.

Call me, maybe?

After a handful of missed phone calls, and voice messages, I finally connected with the plumber on the phone on Wednesday. After telling our restoration contractor that he would have time to see us this week, he informed me it wouldn't be until next week. 

Me: (ahem) What?
Plumber: Well, you're at a hotel, right? I mean, it's not like you're living without hot water.
Me: (trying to stay cool) No, we're in the house. We haven't had hot water since Thursday afternoon.
Plumber: Oh! .... yea, you're gonna wanna call someone else."
Me: Yes, definitely. Thank you for...
Plumber: I can recommend some...
Me: No, thanks, I'll call our contractor. Thank you
Plumber: (starts to speak again)
Me: (click)

Hm. Now what?

My next call was to our restoration contractor. Clearly irritated with the plumber, he explained that the plumber told him this week would work. He doesn't get paid until he finishes this stuff, so he wants that plumber almost as much as I do! 

The HVAC company also called, and I called back, and they called, and I called back. And I called back again. No word.

Friday arrived. The new plumber called. Wanted to come next week, during another appointment. But he could come another day, which would totally work- score!

Also Friday, the restoration contractor's warehouse called. Apparently our basura pile is "starting to stink" which had me wondering why they haven't dealt with it yet. Now they are making a detailed inventory, which we will approve. After we sign off, they will dispose of those items, the basura pile will officially be gone. 

There's an odd emotional side to all this. As a bit of a pack rat, I assign unnecessary emotional attachment to clutter. Seeing so much of it disappear has been hard. But it's making me grow. I had let go of those items, and now I will revisit them in the warehouse. One last chance to cling to clutter. I don't have any concern about some sort of emotional reaction- it's just a little weird. 

Finally, after the dryer was pulled out of the basement, I took my first look into the basement. And of course, I recorded it.

Next Up

So besides visiting the warehouse next week, we're going to have the plumber by to inspect the water heater, and theoretically an HVAC inspector will check the furnace. After those two things happen, the restoration contract will repain the floor, and if needed, the walls. The paint is supposed to cure for 5 days before we move anything back to the basement. But! Next weekend, we can start moving things back into the basement. Thank God!

If we're lucky, the restoration contractor will let us know what of our "to be cleaned" pile is salvageable. Then they will be able to take their bill, the cost of any basura/non-salvageable items and total that up, providing the total to the City's Risk Management office. THEN, if we're really lucky, we'll get our check.

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