Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gross Out Update: Day 18

And after writing this post, I wondered "should I post this?" It's negative. It's complainy. Because I'm getting frustrated. Why? Because this. is. taking. too. long.

Thursday 9/6/13, 6:00pm: Sewer main backs up, flooding our basement with about 1,000 gallons of raw sewage. Many phone calls. City crew comes by. Contact restoration firm. Now it is 9:00pm.

Friday 9/7/13: I miss work while the contractors take our belongings, sort contaminated items into trash and salvageable piles. They work from 10am to 4pm. The dining room and spare room are full of boxes. There is a very large rug rolled up on the living room floor. Why am I keeping this rug? Air scrubber runs all weekend.

Monday 9/9/13: Crew shows up, removed air scrubber and drop off drying equipment. I get my first look at the basement. It's wet, and musty.

Friday 9/13/13: Crew returns to pick up drying equipment. Yes, the basement is dry, and smells much better. Slightly musty, but typical of a basement. Not our basement, but nothing extreme. The warehouse is complaining that our stuff smells. We are still waiting for them to provide a list of what they have from us, so that we can approve it. 

On the days between, there are many phone calls to HVAC techs, plumbers, and restoration contractors. 

Monday 9/16/13: Plumber comes to see the basement.

Tuesday 9/17/13: HVAC tech comes to see the basement.

Wednesday 9/18/13: Painter shows up at 9am. Leaves to buy paint- returns 10am. Works for 90 minutes, then runs out of paint. Leaves for 60 minutes to by paint. Returns and paints for 90 minutes, then leaves before the walls are finished. Says he'll be back Thursday morning to finish. Restoration contractor shows up, explains that they will be replacing all of the other appliances. No word on the rowing machine. Provides list of our nonsalvagable items. (We did the math- wowzers.) Contractor says we are a week behind schedule, and he'd like to have our job finished by the end of the month. 

Thursday 9/19/13: Plumber arrives at 8am, installs new water heater. No painter.

Friday, still no painter. No HVAC tech. Call the contractor, no answer. No call back.

Monday 9/23/13: Call the contractor again. He's surprised the painted didn't show. I told him I was also surprised. He says they will call us when they know when someone will come by. (Um, ok... I guess I don't have a choice, so sure.) He also thanks me for "stimulating some thought on this." (groan)

Now, do you know that if you call your voicemail, you have an option to send a voicemail without calling? The painter sent me a voicemail. At 5:30pm on Monday. Ok dude.

Today, Tuesday 9/24/13: I call the contract, let him know the painter's message explained that he would only be able to paint Wednesday. I know there are two days of painting to go, and that the second day is followed by 5 days of no one walking in the basement- that means Wednesday, maybe Thursday paint, and hopefully Tuesday we can start putting things away. Hopefully. But he can only paint Wednesday. So should we paint it ourselves, or consider another painter? He said to have the painter come Wednesday, and he'd get someone else to finish the job.

No money has moved yet- we haven't had to pay anyone. We've been waiting on the contractor to give us their dollar amount, so we can submit our total to the City. So it is in the contractor's interest to get this job done, so he can get paid. So why. is. this. taking. so. long? (sigh.)

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