Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Equipment Failure? Change gears!

Being busy with a few other things has kept me away from the blog, but we're still hard at work.

Unfortunately, our sander died. I guess we're just too strong for the awesome plastic parts inside of the sander. Joking aside, I was disappointed to find out that plastic spindles are were holding our sander together.

Of course it broke. Why wouldn't it? It's plastic. I suppose that's probably the case for most sanders, but if you know of a heavy duty, can't-be-stopped sander, I'd love to know who makes it and where I can find it! Suggestions?

Since sanding is the last thing we want to do right now on hold, we're spending this week getting the yard ready for an overhaul. Our friend is coming over Friday to really get into the yard clean up, so today we did some prep-work, dragging the pile of brush to the curb. It was no small feat.

Here's most of it:

A while back (er... two years ago, maybe?) we found some crushed glass and a metal rim just below the grass. This is what we dug out of the ground, in the middle of the yard, barrel and all:

Filled with plenty of this:

Except for the gren t-bar. We added that. But still- wowzers.

"I think I need to get back on the rower."

He went on to say: "Old pants + heavy lifting = blow out."

The partial moon wasn't the only view. There are also these:


  1. We loved our sanders so much we bought two to use in tandem (his and hers). We did wear out the piece that holds the sandpaper on oe (we sanded so hard we rubbed the velcro grippiness off the bottom), but we were able to replace that piece for only about $10. :)

  2. Thanks Dawn! I see they are in stock at HD. Maybe we should get a second sander, too. I like the idea of his and hers sanders!

  3. Our original contractor had them and let us borrow them at night. Once he was done, we ended up buying our own to finish the rest of the house. I think the bottom would've lasted longer but we had to do some creative sanding on the window frames in place and that shredded them up. They still took several hundred hours of abuse all told. We love them :) There is also a larger model that may be good for some things, but we haven't tried that one.