Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some [Un]usual Homes in NE Portland

I was planning a post to show off some of the cool older homes currently for sale in NE Portland. Then I saw this post by Dawn, over at Bungalowcious. Did you click on the link? And did you see Baby Shutters? Isn't she great?

Northeast Portland is littered with unique and beautiful homes, and there are still many diamonds in the rough. For example...

The Double Stack:

The "What Happened Here?":
What did this poor foursquare do, to deserve such a remodel?

The Purple Monster:

The "We Saw the Purple Monster and Wanted to Take it One Step Further:"
The gold trim really adds that "pop" they talk about on HGTV.

And finally, this baby caught my eye, on my way home from work. But it is not the house that made me do a double-take. Do you see it? There, on the front porch.... Is that a paper mache dinosaur??

It sure is.

Have you seen any houses that inspire you to scratch your head, or make you feel better about the state of your own home? Hey, maybe OUR house is the one that makes you feel better about yours! Either way, I hope you enjoyed the houses, and enjoy keeping an eye out for more unusual homes.


  1. have you seen our monster red house over here?1 scary...we have so many, not to mention our own poor house...

  2. While I don't plan to paint my house purple--I was tempted. I love purple. I'm glad some people choose crazy colors--it gives Portland more character.

  3. Erin, did you see the Bungalowcious post? Is that the red house in your neighborhood?

    Sharon, when my family from out of state visits, I always hear comments about how colorful the houses are! Do you have a color in mind for your house yet?

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  5. This bungalow house was cool and I find it awesome too. I think it was a great property to have with your love one. It was perfect for a growing family. I like the color for me it was precious. Big thanks.

    Charles A