Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost Done

We are almost there!

The schedule indicated we would be done YESTERDAY, but there are still a few small things to wrap up- caulking, a few pieces of a trim and switch plates. THEN we will officially close this chapter of home improvement.

We are excited to show you the fruits of our labor [and the hard work of family and friends, incuding our contractors and vendors]. Please keep checking the blog this week for the final installment of the kitchen renovation.

Until then, have a look at what we did on Sunday:


  1. you picked the exact same knobs and pulls that i want...

  2. Great minds ;-) I'm excited to see what you do with your kitchen! You have lots of options with that big open room!

  3. we don't really have that many options due to the windows and doors. we will make A LOT more functional though...

  4. Thanks, Sarah! There will be more details in the final kitchen post!

  5. Welcome, Erin! Finding new blogs is so fun- I just read your blog ( and I'm definitely interested in your cleaning and organizational tips!