Monday, September 24, 2012

Revisiting the List

I've been stalking my own blog. We're getting things accomplished, but I don't feel like there's much to show. In reality, there is. There definitely is.

I'm thinking a re-visit to the 2012 List will help put things in perspective.

And finally, the 2012 List
  • strip the wall paper in the front room
  • strip the wood work in the front room
  • build a shed **Construction complete. Needs paint.
  • paint the front room
  • level the front yard **We might nix this one.
  • landscape both yards
  • build retaining wall **We might nix this one, too.
  • install paver patio
  • repair driveway and add pavers
  • repair plaster in bedroom **STARTED!
  • strip paint on bedroom woodwork
  • paint bedroom
  • finish plaster repair in office
  • finish stripping woodwork in the office
  • paint office
  • repair 5 sash windows

We might nix the front yard work because, really, we're going to rent the house in a few years and a retaining wall won't likely make this house easier to rent.

Also, not on the list: Lots of pruning, and the fireplace is about 25% complete. New dining room light fixture, new railing on basement stairs and roller blind in the bedroom. Painted the bathroom, completed plaster repair everywhere except the bedroom walls, and pressure washed the front sidewalk and steps. The next big thing will be painting the exterior of the house.

And after all that? We'll probably try to refinance. Phew.

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  1. Lists are great; they can really help keep you on track. I just wish our list would stop growing so quickly.