Monday, May 9, 2011

New Homes for Old Friends

I am happy to report that I have found homes for the plum tree, the Japanese maple and the lilac.

The plum tree was handed to me 2 years ago, after it had been out of soil for nearly a week. It has ONE root (picture a dandelion root, or a twisty carrot) and no foliage. Even though I see lots of plum trees doing really well around Portland and the Pacific Northwest, our tree has not yet bore fruit. I'm sure one day it will have at least a few delicious fruits, but they will be enjoyed by our friend, Puddles.

I will miss the lilac the most. My grandma had a lilac for years. I remember it was big, and tons of [almost too] fragrant blooms. I loved that tree, and have enjoyed this one as well. I think our friends Rebekka and Randy are going to love having this at their house!

The same folks are taking the Japanese maple. This tree is still young, and will likely do well in the hands of a Green Thumb who knows better how to care of it, and can help sculpt it into a graceful, mature umbrella shaped canopy.

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