Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cabinet installation, Phase I

We now have about two thirds of our kitchen cabinets installed. Last week, the base cabinets went in. The counter top folks asked that we not install the rest of the cabinets, so they would have plenty of room to work. When they finished the template, we were free to install more cabinets, though we were asked to hold off on the wall cabinets, until the counter top is installed. That should be this week.

The base cabinets:

Today, the bulk head next to the range (seen above) and the cabinets around the refrigerator went in. The refrigerator is counter depth- our thought there is to open up as much floor space as possible. The cabinets around the refrigerator are the same depth. We have some serious cabinet space there.

The refrigerator cabinets:

I try to keep tabs on what I call our "lessons learned" in home improvement. Do you have any great lessons learned from your kitchen remodel or things you wish you had known/considered earlier?


  1. so where did you end up getting your cabinets? What was the reason given for waiting to install the uppers? Usually uppers are installed first so I find this very intriguing..

  2. I thought the same thing. Apparently, because our kitchen is so small, they needed any room they could get, to move the counter top in.

    The cabinets were made by Euro Assembly Systems, Inc. (http://www.its-easi.com/). We got to pick material, door style, size... everything.We went with paint grade maple plywood, but the recessed panel in the door is MDF. You are welcome to inspect them next time you are over!