Saturday, March 27, 2010

A little work in the yard

Attempted some yard improvement today. The giant lillies have been moved to the small strip of no-man's land, along the side of the house. When these babies reach their 7 foot max height, I'll enjoy seeing and smelling them from the kitchen window. Here's what we had today:


Didn't even realize that the moss washed away, until I saw these pictures.

Artifacts, left from previous owners:

Why was burying garbage in the yard so popular? Some of this stuff is less than 10 years old.

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  1. hey there Leslie,
    In response to your question on my blog: As far as paint stripping, we have almost always gone down to bare wood or close. Generally the wood or surface is not smooth until we are down to the wood or original coat. Of course, we are a bit the perfectionists but I would recommend just sanding or stripping (we use a heat gun with mask to start) until there is no flaking paint and the surface is smooth to your preference. Sanding is really a good call as is makes it smooth and really makes your effort worthwhile. My husband is currently busy stripping paint off of all the trim in the bathroom as well as the window. Good luck!