Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Forecast

I was inspired by Our Portland Foursquare, to post a 2010 DIY to-do list. We have several projects on the chopping block, and maybe if I post them on the blog, we'll be extra motivated to get down to business!

The upcoming projects include:
  • stripping woodwork (in progress)
  • removing old wallpaper (in progress, going great!)
  • paint walls and woodwork (I know, I know)
  • level yard
  • retaining wall along front sidewalk
  • french drains
  • fix gutters
  • repair driveway
  • new back patio pavers
  • Restore the 5 sash windows

Lots of work in the yard, this spring and summer, but plenty indoors, for now, too. The wallpaper is coming down beautifully, and so far, the plaster looks pretty great, beneath. 2011, hopefully, will see a kitchen remodel and/or a bath remodel, possible new bath in basement and other basement improvements.


  1. Sounds like 2010 is forecast to be a busy home-improvement year for you as well. :) I look forward to all the future blog updates. Here's to making our neighborhood a little prettier to live in! :)

  2. Oh, also, thanks for the link love! :) I have a feeling I'll be cross-referencing your blog soon.

  3. I love your blog and check it lots, so the link love is the least I can offer in return for all the inspiration! I have point out your house to friends and tell them how you two have taken a rough looking rental and turned it into one of the sharper looking homes in the neighborhood. I always wonder if there are more people like us, lurking in the neighborhood- I hope there are, and I hope we get to meet them, too!

  4. almost 6 months into the year... haven't made the progress I'd hoped to, but we have made progress!