Saturday, October 17, 2009

We're gonna be warm!

Today, we insulated the attic! Insulation was here and there, but not everywhere. All wires were left exposed, which accounted for about half of the square footage. There was a combination of blown-in cellulose and yellow fiberglass batts. All of this was covered with debris from a roof replacement performed by the previous owners.

The Mr. ran the machine and I went up top with the blower hose. Rather than remove the old batts, I blew the new insulation in to the height of the joists, then laid the batts back over the joists (now filled with new insulation) and buried them with about 10" more of the new insulation. It was an interesting process. Word to the wise: WEAR GOGGLES for this project!

The bid our very cool insulation contractor gave us for the attic (blown-in cellulose) was $1050. Following his money-saving advice, we did it ourselves for $269.70! Insulation is $26.97 each, and we used 10 packages. With the purchase of 10 or more packages, the blower rental was free. Thanks, Andy!


Weapon of choice:

Taking care of business:

The finished product: 

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  1. You did start a blog! Welcome to the blogging world! :) This post is fabulous. We are in the process of deciding how to winterize (we have NO insulation in the entire house...none). I didn't realize blown insulation was a do-it-yourself option. We'll have to check that out....thanks!